Thank you for taking the time to apply to be either an Egg Donor or Surrogate Mother. Your willingness to help another is truly appreciated. At this time your application fails to meet one or more of the FDA or medical guidelines set forth by the medical clinics we partner with. This does not mean that you are unhealthy, or should be concerned about your own fertility.  Since this is considered "tissue donation" by the FDA, there are strict guidelines associated with the treatment.  Additionally, ASRM (self-governing body of infertility treatment in the USA) has guidelines to follow as well.  Finally, there are fertility center needs and requirements to consider, even if everything was perfect.

Due to the volume of applicants who apply, we are not able to provide the specific reason why your application was not accepted.  Here are the most common reasons:

1. Age
2. BMI
3. STD's
4. Number of partners
5. Smoking, drugs, alcohol
6. Geographical concerns with diseases
7. Medical concerns
8. Type of IUD

9. Criminal History

Please contact our office for more information: Office (888) 569-7790 or Email


Thank for your desire to help another woman have a baby and start her family!  We offer a generous referral bonus ranging from $500-$1000, which you receive if you refer a friend that either completes an Egg Donation and retrieval process or becomes a registered Surrogate Mother with our agency.  Please provide your referral's information and let us know if you wish to your referral know that you referred her or if you wish to remain anonymous. You will still be credited for your referral

Thank You For Your Referral!